Sunrise Sustainable Resources Group Website Re-Design & Development, Phase I


Sunrise Sustainable Resources Group is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Reno, Nevada. Sunrise promotes sustainable living practices through education, advocacy and community development.


Sunrise already had a basic website, but wanted to use it better as a business tool. After talking with Sunrise, we zeroed in on these goals that needed immediate attention:


Undaunted by the last objective, we developed an affordable, but effective solution. The most cost-efficient method of attracting new members in this situation was to achieve top positions on search engine results. To get there, a few things were done:


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Within a few days of going live a prospective member found our website through a search engine. He appeared at the next board meeting and told us how surprised he was to find such an outstanding website for such a small organization. Not only did he join Sunrise, he volunteered to help with the work we do.

Constance Alexander, Newsletter and Website Editor of Sunrise Sustainable Resources Group