Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

It is the scientific art of positioning your website higher on the search engine results pages. We do it by using strictly ethical SEO practices that get lasting results. Lasting, as in long run. We craft each campaign individually.

Not all elements of a typical SEO campaign are necessary for every client. Choose from the toppings below or ask us if you're not sure what you need to improve your search engine ranking.

Competitive Research & Analysis

We get into that great head of yours and get a grasp of your business goals, understand your industry, size up your competitors (where are they in the search landscape and how did they get there?) and suggest the ways to outflank them.


Basically, before and after shots of your search engines optimization results. We determine your position so we can measure the fruits of our labor.

Keywords Research & Analysis

This is the keywords shake down. Your website needs to speak the lingo of the land to stand out in the crowd and that lingo must include the right keywords. Keyword choice can make or break a search engine marketing campaign. We identify the right keywords to attract the right customers. These are the words that are specific to your market from real-time search queries. We'll select the ones that have enough searchers, but aren't too ambitious to compete cost-effectively.

Website Analysis & Report

Search engines see websites differently then humans; what makes sense and looks good to a person might give a search engine indigestion. We'll strap on our search engine vision goggles and identify the stumbling blocks, suggest solutions and present it in a report.

Website Optimization & Content Development

Using information from the reports above, we fix the website problems and craft optimized content to compliment those crucial search keywords.

Linking Strategy Report & Execution

Search engines know who your site is being seen with. Links from highly ranked sites that are relevant to yours make your website look better to search engines. Once again, life is telling us that it's not who you are that matters, but who you know. Don't worry. We don't buy it but we'll play the game to get you ahead. We'll do the research, make recommendations and do the footwork of getting you linked from the top ranking websites that will compliment your website's search engine optimization.

Review & Refinements

In other words, guarding your fortress. Search engines change their ranking algorithms often, competitors try to one-up-you, your customer's online behaviors change. To maintain your top search engine positions, we should brush and floss your site regularly. Or just evaluate and refine our efforts.

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