Paid Search Marketing Services

Paid search marketing, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method in particular, can be a very effective tool in your marketing campaign. It's immediate feedback, flexibility and your total control over it are complimentary to the longer lasting natural search optimization results.

We know what works and what mistakes you should avoid, we can craft your entire campaign and manage it for you, or we can seamlessly support your own efforts with any of our services below.

PPC Campaign Analysis

So you say you already have a PPC campaign? Quite possibly there's room for improvement. We can analyze it to point out overlooked opportunities and pertinent improvements. Just let us at it.

Competition Research & Analysis

Think of us as your scouts surveying the field before the battle. We don't leave any stones unturned and analyze the efforts of your competitors - from your direct competition, to not so obvious ones who just compete for the same keywords you are targeting. After we're done, you'll have much clearer picture of what you need to do to outflank your competitors.

Keywords Research & Analysis

Keyword choice can make or break a search marketing campaign. You can't afford to spend your time and money on chasing after the keywords nobody searching for, or attracting the wrong kind of visitors. We pinpoint the keywords specific to your market selected from the real-time search queries to attract the right customers. We'll identify the keywords that are popular, but aren't too ambitious to compete cost-effectively and present them to you in a report. You'll have confidence that your sight is on the right target.

Landing Page Design & Development

We all know about the fish that got away. Once you've hooked visitors with a Pay-Per-Click ad, your landing page should reel them in right away and lead to the next step, or else your money is wasted. Your visitors know exactly what they want and shouldn't be let down when they arrive on your landing page. Sending them to a generic page on your site at this point could do more harm then good. Your PPC campaign would be paying for creating very unhappy customers. We can develop effective landing pages that give visitors what they want, while accomplishing your business goals.

When you look at it that way, you might want to fine-tune the rest of your visitor's experience. We have considerable experience in website design and development and can help you with that too.

Ads Copywriting

Remember the 50 words writing assignment from high school? We do – it was our favorite. Now we can catch someone's attention with an ad, convince them it is what they are looking for and make them click – all within a few seconds and 70 characters or less. You need to know more then nuts-and-bolts of a product or service to do that. We do. And we don't stop there. The beauty of a Pay-Per-Click ad is that you can adjust it quickly to improve Click-Trough-Rate (CTR), and we love sifting through those boring numbers in an effort to craft a more effective ad. Bring it on!

PPC Campaign Management

It's a wild world and if you don't have the time, knowledge or staff to handle PPC campaign, we do. From start to finish. Coupled with us handling your natural optimization, it's peaches and cream. Or a ripe idea.

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